Founding Story

Founding Story

In 1973, when we began knocking on the doors of judges and attorneys while looking for our first interpreting work, we had no idea we were about to build one of the world’s most authentic and impactful language companies.

Founded by Dr. Luis A. de la Vega, a linguist fluent in nine languages, we started small, but aimed high. More than 40 years later, the values that earned us our first engagement continue to propel our growth.

We built our company based on our hard work, technology focus and, most importantly, talented people who deliver outstanding client service with a smile. Our dynamic organization has evolved with every passing decade, from cutting and pasting documents (yes, with scissors, white-out, and glue) in the 1970s, to the complex technology platforms that automate translation processes today.

In our flat, modern world, most companies have access to a similar set of global workforces, technologies, and quality certifications that they feature as evidence of their linguistic excellence. However, a critical differentiator that they can never duplicate is our insatiable desire to deliver great service, which guides our unrivaled customer-first approach.

While other companies might say they go the extra mile for their clients, our happy clients say we own the extra mile. We make our clients’ lives easier by leveraging exceptional people, processes, and tools to simplify the translation process and deliver results that exceed their expectations and empower them to focus on their core businesses.

Looking ahead, we will continue to embrace the reality that change is the only constant, and the confluence of culture, commerce and technology will continue to evolve. We are excited by the endless possibilities as we adapt to the future and to our clients’ needs. No matter what, great service will always remain the true north which guides and defines us, and serves as the reason for our existence.

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