QUALITY    |    A Certified Solution for Language Optimization

When in the hands of master linguists, sharp, tight protocols and procedures deliver incisive solutions for optimal client results. We place a premium on process, all while embracing curiosity, ideation, and relevance.

Careful customization, dedicated teams, and exacting quality control for every project ensure our client-centric methodology delivers exceptional outcomes.

Protranslating is an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified organization.

Our SOP’s, QA Manual, and Quality Policy define our protocols, procedures, responsibilities, and actions, to provide consistency and overall excellence.


“The alchemy of words creates the magic of language. Words build castles of influence and fling stars to the darkest skies. We spin magic with language.”

Luis de la Vega, Sr., Founder, Protranslating.

Language is transcendental: it rises above words, expressions, and turns-of-phrase aggregated within the structure of grammar and syntax, to deliver an engaging story of unique cultural relevance.

Our team’s special bond with language enables us, like wordcraft wizards, to capture the spirit of a project, translating it in a way that resonates with our intended audience. We connect with culturally diverse people, speaking in language that moves them. Whether in Mandarin or Swahili, or anything in between, we speak their language.

Our passion and fine-tuned feel for language enable us to remain relevant, engaging, and ahead of the curb in linguistic spaces.

We have the experience and expertise that elevate our work to an exceptional level, including:

  • A large contingency of veteran employees who have been in our company 25+ years
  • Industry-specific specialists across dozens of verticals
  • Agility in forming sharp linguistic teams for every language and industry

Finally, the depth and breadth of our formal education is embodied in our founder, Luis de la Vega, Sr., who holds a Ph.D. in Language and is fluent in nine.

Mastery of language. It’s simply our brand of magic.

Client Engagement

To clearly understand and evaluate project requirements and objectives, we begin by consulting our clients and conducting in-depth needs assessments. Studious fact-finding and thorough analysis is central to our service delivery. A deep dive is taken into the project to delineate its parameters, including file type, complexity, industry, budget, turnaround time, and any other special client requirement.

This process also enables us to capture the brand’s voice and tone as well as inflections that will resonate with the intended target audience. To this end, a glossary and style guide are developed before translations begin.

Building the Right Team

For every project we bring together the appropriate experts, selecting industry-specific linguists with unique expertise in the subject area. Because we believe that experience is invaluable, all our linguists are seasoned professionals with years of translation experience and core values that align with our own. 

Integral to the team, Quality Assurance Editors are tasked with ensuring that all translations reflect the actual meaning of the source language, while observing and incorporating relevant glossary terminology and guidelines.

Quality Checkpoints

Projects are subjected to rigorous quality control, which begins with early client engagement. Quality Assurance Editors continuously monitor translation quality using checkpoints which involve glossaries, style guides, translation memory, and audits.

Prior to beginning work on a project, we ensure that the right preflight materials are in place:

  • Has the client signed off on the style guide and glossaries?
  • Have we received reference documents?
  • Are we in touch with client’s review team, if they have one?
  • Is the client supplying us with a memory or do we already have a memory for them? If not, will we be building out a memory for this project, creating a database for them? If the client supplied us with the memory, does it need to be reviewed prior to usage?



During the actual production process, we can conduct a sample Translation Review. This is an additional quality checkpoint led by senior linguists which involves taking a random translated sample and reviewing the quality of the work. Additionally, upon the job’s completion, we perform a final Translation Review and facilitate Third-Party Reviews, if the client requests an independent opinion.


In the event a quality issue arises, responsible team members immediately receive corrective feedback, along with any additional training that may be necessary to rectify the deficiency. If translation quality remains below Protranslating standards, a linguist is removed from our translation pool. Escalation is integral to our ISO-approved Quality Control system.

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