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Our integrated language platform draws upon next-level technologies, platforms, and experts in real-time, bringing together people and tech to radically improve the utility of language and help companies thrive in our flat, modern world.

We leverage the most advanced technology stack and language tools proven to boost efficiency, resulting in greater cost savings and higher quality outcomes for our clients.

In today’s new normal driven by speed and access, our clients are racing to outpace change, mitigate risks, and drive growth. Our integrated language platform—bridging people and tech—translates clients’ objectives into great results.

A Predictive Language Platform for
Maximum Control, Security, and Transparency.


Our Translation Memory (TM)  tools increase accuracy and consistency, boost efficiency, speed translation and review times, and result in cost-savings for our clients.

Translation Memory  is a language database that stores files which have been previously translated. We use the latest, cloud-based TM tools, providing a unified environment for processing translations which allows our linguists to leverage previous translations for better language outcomes.

Multiple linguists can access the same TM simultaneously and any updates are available in real-time to all.

Our TM tools offer comprehensive productivity features including concordance, built-in glossaries, automatic search of similar segments in database, live preview for most file types, consistency checks, commenting, version history, spell check, and more.

Once a project has completed the process, translated files are reflowed to their original format for final review.


  • Leverage previous translations for cost and time savings
  • Ensure greater consistency across your translations
  • Faster turnaround times


For projects with accelerated turnaround times, high volume, or tight budgets, Machine Translations (MT) deliver optimal results. For most language pairs, we offer two variations of MT:

–  Straight MT with no human review is the fastest, most affordable option, and is especially relevant for reference documents.

–  A hybrid option, Human Edited Machine Translation (HEMT), provides a higher level of quality as the machine-processed translation is reviewed by a linguist to check for readability of the document. This entails fixing typographical and grammatical errors and may involve referencing the source text to clarify the MT.


  • Fast turnaround times
  • Cost effective solution for translation
  • Deploy on an as needed basis where appropriate


Predictive technology informs us when a client adds or modifies content to their primary website, enabling us to rapidly translate the new messaging across global markets. No need for the client to notify us or request changes: we’re immediately on it.

Our tools also detect when a client removes content, automatically deleting the corresponding content to maintain consistency in all localized websites. This patented tech stack takes the burden off of you, ensuring swift, seamless integration, and linguistic consistency across all your markets.


  • No IT infrastructure needed on your end
  • Changes to your website are reflected in language in 24 hours or less
  • Translated sites launched in 60-90 days
  • Brand consistency ensured across all your multilingual websites
  • Increased performance of your website via marketing services expertise
  • Increased traffic


Every client has their preferred terminology, branded terms, and abbreviations which we incorporate in a client-specific glossary to improve consistency and turnaround times while decreasing costs.

Glossaries are easily accessible to both our linguists and clients who, depending on their permission level, can look up, add, modify, or remove terms, with all changes tracked.

–  Terms can be discussed online, with a direct communication line between clients and linguists.

–  Changes to the glossary are immediately incorporated in the memory to ensure usage of most up-dated terminology. Definitions, comments, and other notations to the glossary can be seen by linguists, enhancing their understanding of the terminology.


  • Simplified glossary management process
  • Real time access to glossaries
  • Access glossaries from anywhere
  • Logged communication between your reviewers and our translators
  • Real time updates to translation memory are made directly from glossary terms in the glossary manager
  • Develop separate glossaries for different lines of business


Our complimentary client portal is a convenient, transparent, and efficient tool which clients can access to submit and manage projects, keeping track of their progress in real-time. The portal puts you in control, enabling you to review work that is being done on your existing jobs, as well as easily submit and track new projects. You are also able to view and approve quotes; view invoices, order history, and reports; make payments; and open support cases.


  • Simplified user interface and intuitive navigation
  • Invoice payment
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • One-click approval for quotes
  • Accepts any file type for upload
  • Drag and drop functionality for loading files
  • Direct text input field
  • Multiple access points to all original and final files
  • View all quotes, jobs-in-progress and invoices
  • 24/7 access
  • Simple online request form
  • Email notifications at each step
  • No file size limits


Whether you have in-country reviewers or need a third party to look over your translations, our Review Portal provides an efficient and simple solution. With just the appropriate login credentials, reviewers can access files online, making changes, leaving comments, and starting discussions at the segment or document level. Since everything is browser-based, there are no programs to install and no files to exchange. All changes and comments are tracked with user names and time-stamped. Most file types also have a live preview of the reviewed document. Depending on your preferences, the Translation Memory and/or glossary can also be displayed to the reviewer. Furthermore, upon request, we can provide a linguistic opinion on any reviewer-effected changes.


  • Simplified process for reviewing and commenting on translations
  • Real time communication between your reviewers and our translators
  • Tracked/time-stamped comments
  • Live previews of reviewed files
  • Access the TM or TermBase during review


ProTranslating has an integration platform through which it connects a customer’s Content Management System (CMS), or database, and our translation management system. These connectors facilitate long-term projects, as well as very dynamic projects where new content is continually being added. Content selected by the client from their native CMS environment is directly linked to an existing translation project where a new project can be created and new or updated content is assigned for translation. All tasks including analysis, assignment, and file export can be automated, thereby streamlining the translation word flow.


  • Streamlined workflows
  • Less file transfer and import/export copy/paste
  • Launch projects from native CMS environments
  • Automate the translation process via batch pulls from your CMS
  • Deliver projects directly where they need to live in your CMS
  • Your Translation Portal

    Control. Efficiency. Transparency.

In the hands of our expert linguists, advanced technology enables us to work smarter, while keeping our clients in the loop every step of the way.

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