• Linguistic Validation & Third-Party Review


Our linguistic validation and third-party review services provide clients with the assurance that comes from having additional sets of expert eyes review their documents, ensuring that potential translation mistakes are eliminated, the message is on point, and there is consistent interpretation across target markets. It is a very useful solution for localization projects when the goal is to validate the experience from the end-user’s perspective or when linguistic quality has been called into question.

Protranslating offers fully compliant Linguistic Validation and Cultural Adaptation services (including Cognitive Debriefing) to ensure consistency between the original text and translated versions. For each project, we perform a thorough Quality Assurance review, analyzing files using CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools and categorizing errors by type.

That data is then compiled into a comprehensive report, which provides our client with detailed findings, analyses and recommendations.

Our validation and review acumen at-a-glance:

  • 40+ years of experience
  • 200+ languages and dialects
  • 10,000,000,000+ words translated
  • 5,000+ team members worldwide
  • 100+ in-house master linguists
  • Deep industry expertise
  • Predictive technologies
  • ISO 9001, ISO 17100 certified
  • A pledge to old-school service


Sample Uses for Linguistic Validation & Third-Party Review

Quality Verification of Previously Translated Content

Comparison Between Translations

Vetting New Translation Provider

Assurance when Launching Newly Translated Content

Proven Results in Validation & Review

We meticulously check content validity and consistency, providing you with the reassurance you need for the results you want. For more than four decades, we have effectively:

  • Helped provide peace-of-mind to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies
  • Collaborated with in-country investigators, linguists, and other professionals across the globe
  • Leveraged expertise in a wide range of technical fields
  • Provided accurate validations and reviews, delivered on time, in budget, and with a smile

We have the expert team, rigorous protocols, and old-school-service-commitment that get you further.

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