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No matter what language you’re doing business in, one thing that doesn’t change is your need for legally binding contracts, clear legal agreements, and other essential paperwork spanning everything from patents to employee contracts.

As a result, accurate contract translation is an essential part of doing business in other countries. Even small inaccuracies or errors in contract translation can create a weakness in the strength of that document. In a worst-case scenario, those inaccuracies could create loopholes affecting the terms of the contract, or even render the entire document void.

Such a situation is unacceptable for any organization, especially when those errors can be entirely avoided. All it takes is putting your contract translation into the hands of reputable language service providers (LSPs) capable of accurately translating and localizing each document so that serves as an iron-clad agreement in each language and region you’re targeting for business.


Ensuring Your Agreements are Legally Binding

If you’re unclear of the importance of having contract translation be handled by experienced translation experts, it’s worth considering the many different types of contracts and legal documents that may need to be translated during the course of your company’s international business.

In general, any legally binding agreement of any kind needs to be vetted and translated by an LSP with extensive experience translating for the language and culture your business is serving. Examples of legal documents requiring translation include:

Legal documents

Consumer contracts


Real-estate agreements

QA agreements

Financial collaborations


Employee contracts

Confidentiality agreements

Any document detailing a partnership, deal, or business arrangement of any kind

Given the high stakes involved with contract translation, it’s critical for businesses to make sure translation is managed by human experts. While machine-based translations may offer a low-cost, expedited approach to converting contracts into another language, contracts use precise legal phrases and terminology that need to be carefully chosen and translated.

The business stakes are far too high to risk entire contracts and business agreements just to save money on the cost of translation. If you want to guarantee that your contracts are legally binding, you have no choice but to invest in contract translation that will hold up in a court of law.

Global Expertise at Your Fingertips

With more than 45 years of experience serving businesses and industries around the globe, Protranslating has the experience necessary to handle even the most complex contract translation projects.

Take a look at your contract translation acumen::

200+ languages and dialects

100+ in-house master linguists

5,000+ team members worldwide

10,000,000,000+ words translated

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified

We combine this extensive expertise with advanced translation solutions, including predictive technologies and computer-assisted translation software, to provide the most accurate translations possible.

Contact us today to learn how our contract translation services can help build your business around the globe.

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