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When someone dies, they not only leave behind grieving family and friends, but they typically leave behind legal and financial matters that need to be cleared up. If you’re a survivor dealing with the legal and financial aftermath of losing a loved one, you’ll almost certainly be required to have that person’s death certificate in hand.

But what if the death certificate is in Spanish, for instance, and you need an English translation of it? The highly qualified professionals at Protranslating can help out during this tough time.

To be sure, you could translate the death certificate on your own. Yet it would be easier and wiser to let a professional translator from Protranslating do it to ensure accuracy and eliminate the hassle. For instance, some probate courts accept only translated death certificates that have been certified by a professional.

Here are some of the circumstances when you might need to rely on Protranslating for death certificate translation:

  • Your grandfather died in the U.S. but insisted on being buried in his native Italy. Officials in Italy will want to see a translated death certificate before your grandfather is laid to rest there. In cases like this, you also might need an apostille, which authenticates official seals and signatures on a document. We can handle that, too.
  • Your mother died in Greece and you’re settling her financial affairs back in the U.S., including the withdrawal of money from her bank accounts and retirement accounts. The companies holding her money will want to see a translated death certificate.
  • Your father was killed in a car crash in Egypt and you want to have his remains returned to the U.S. American authorities will need to see a translated death certificate.
  • Your sister died in the U.S. and you’re trying to sell the vacation home she owned in Dutch-speaking Aruba. Real estate professionals in Aruba will need to see a translated death certificate.


Aside from the compassion we’ll offer regarding the loss of your loved one, we’ll back up your death certificate translation project with:

More than 40 years of experience.

Expertise in more than 200 languages and dialects.

A global team of more than 5,000 dedicated, well-trained members.

Industry-leading technology that supports all of our translation services.

Unparalleled customer service.

After the death of a loved one, it’s hard enough to deal with the emotional effects. Adding the task of death certificate translation to the mix makes things even harder. Contact Protranslating today so you can take the task of translating a death certificate off your list and focus on what’s truly important.

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