• Marriage Certificate Translation

A marriage certificate validates a union between two spouses. It also can be a critical document in matters ranging from relocation to immigration.

However, that critical document could lose its strength if it’s not properly translated from one language to another. To avoid any language mishaps, you should rely on the professionals at Protranslating who have been providing marriage certificate translations for nearly 50 years.

Here are some situations when you might need Protranslating to professionally translate your marriage certificate from one language to another:

  • You took off to Cancun for a destination wedding. But once you return to the U.S. as a married couple, you need to get the marriage certificate translated from Spanish to English so that your relationship is legally recognized in the States.
  • You’re relocating to France for a new job and need to have your U.S. marriage certificate translated so the French government legally recognizes your relationship. You also might need an apostille — which authenticates a document’s official seals and signatures — for that translation, too.
  • You’re trying to work through the U.S. immigration process and need to translate your marriage certificate from Chinese to English as part of the paperwork requirements.
  • You’re engaged in a court fight over child custody and need to translate your marriage certificate from English (you live in the U.S.) to Portuguese (your ex-spouse lives in Brazil).
  • You’re applying for a German passport and need to get your marriage certificate translated from English to German as part of the paperwork requirements.


No matter the reason for translation of a marriage certificate, Protranslating is a reliable, trusted translator because we’re wed to a number of promises:

We will offer translation that matches your needs, as we provide services in more than 200 languages and dialects.

We will call on the expertise of our more than 5,000 team members across the globe.

We will use our up-to-date technology to aid your translation project.

We will deliver the best customer service in the translation industry.

Any way you translate it, those promises mean you can be confident that you’ll say “I do” when we ask: “Do you love how we completed your marriage certificate translation?”

To engage with Protranslating on marriage certificate translation, head right now to the Translation Services section of our website.

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