Preflight 101

September 14, 2016

What really separates one company from another are its processes. At Protranslating, we understand the challenges clients face when localizing content and know that often, copywriters may not have all the information they need to properly prepare content and layouts for different types of copy.  As a result, we believe that the preflight step at the beginning of the localization production cycle is critical.

Preflight allows a localization engineer to review files and prepare copy for localization within the CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) environment.  They are in charge of ensuring that the segmentation is proper and correct to allow for a smoother translation process, increasing the linguist’s ability to work efficiently.

Protranslating has also developed a training system to help instruct clients in how to properly prepare documents for localization when creating the source file.  This training has resulted in shorter project completion timelines and frees up the linguistic team to perform research as needed.


– Hard Returns

– Images that may need localization

– Currency or measurement that may or may not need conversion

– Notes in PowerPoint Presentations

– Voices are in E-learning courses

– Page Breaks and Section Breaks in documents

Taking the time at the beginning of the project and making sure files are prepped correctly for translation will save considerable time on the back end when localizing the content in the final output.  At Protranslating we take pride in our quality outputs and ensuring that we exceed client expectation: preflight is one of the essential steps in that process.